Be Our National Network

Are you willing to start your own business with high e-commerce’s demand and supported by cutting edge technology ?

Are you a start up or an experienced in courier and logistics business ?

Are you running a courier business in local/regional/province scope ?

Are you dare to expand your courier and logistics business network nationwide and abroad ?





Join with REX’s network now


REX – Kiriman Express as a national courier company which listed in ASPERINDO and Indonesian E-Commerce Association (idEA) inviting small and medium cooperatives in courier and logistics business in Indonesia to join our network and expanding your business scope to nationwide and abroad supported by our modern web based technology and cutting edge Android Application.


General Requirements :

  1. Have a legal entity of PT or CV (Deed of Establishment, SIUP, NPWP, SIPP)
  2. Have a strategic location office
  3. Have operational armada such as bicycle and car (minimum 1 unit) adapted to local circumstances
  4. Have employees for Operation, Customer Service, Admin and IT adapted to local circumstances
  5. Have telephony and Internet network minimum 4 Mbps
  6. Have computer/laptop with Windows or Linux specification, barcode scanner, infus/laser printer, UPS
  7. Doing sales for REX’s full range services
  8. Using REX’s logo (neon box, banners, uniforms, ID cards, forms REX)
  9. Execute REX's IT programs and SOP
  10. Obey standard UMR adapted to local government
  11. Paint your office following REX’s yellow reference


Further information please contact us :

PT. Royal Express Indonesia

Division : Marketing Development Agent

Phone   : 021 5695 2234 ext 402
Fax       : 021 5695 8222
Email    : (please mention your cell phone number for correspondency)