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Get Your Special Rate for Corporate

We have been dealing with customers from various industry sectors such as manufacturing, banking & finance companies, trading companies, advertising firms with various types of packages and shipping documents. Through teamwork and our experience in handling a variety of customers in various industry sectors, our goal is to build long term partnerships with our customers.

Contact with our Marketing Division to register as a customer and obtain customer account numbers with various advantages as follows :

  1. Get a consultation for special needs of each customer
  2. Have easy pick-up times for each shipment
  3. Getting the ease of the method of payment for each shipment

Some of the requirements to obtain a customer account :

  1. Companies incorporated.
  2. Made a cooperation agreement in the form of forms of cooperation signed by two sides that contain the price, payment terms and other information. After the signing of cooperation, the sender can contact custumer service PT. REX to perform retrieval of goods.
  3. Minimum number of items per-month bill Rp. 500,000.00 (Five hundred thousand rupiah) for credit and payment for 3 months will be evaluated if the minimum standards under the bill will automatically become cash customers.

Marketing Representative 


Please contact our Marketing Division to obtain customer account and get the following benefits.

Get a consultation for special needs of each customer


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